About Us


Driven by a passion for food and high quality ingredients, Emporium Aquila was established in 2007 as an independent wholesaler and distributor on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, of Queensland Australia.

We work with fine and gourmet foods which are carefully hand selected from around the world.

With our enthusiasm for travel and culture, we like to discover brilliant food in different countries, and we pride ourselves in only selecting the best and the finest food on the planet, so you can enjoy local and international ingredients from the comfort of your own home.

Food for us represents the joy of what is best in life: sharing, celebrating, tasting and understanding new cultures.

We love tradition and in many cases we have travelled to the exact source of the food producer to meet with the people behind the brands, to observe their traditional food manufacturing methods and to marvel at the landscapes or the history where the food has been produced.

We are a family business and we like to think of our online store as a 'window to the world', where you have the opportunity to find the highest quality, gourmet and fine foods, as if you have travelled to the very source yourself.

Our passion and experience for gourmet food is driven by our founder, Fernando Setaro, who grew up in family restaurants in the sprawling metropolis of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the gastronomic capital of South America.

Now settled on the Sunshine Coast, Fernando regularly combines overseas travel with culinary experiences and you can expect our product range to continue to grow in the future.

We work with well established brands such as Compal Classic, Cultiverde, Solania, Montanini, Antico Granaio Toscano, Selo Lucca, Guarana Antactica and Antico Frantoio Muraglia, to name a few.

Our commitment and core service is to source, wholesale and distribute high quality fine food, hand selected from around the world, and provide you with a great experience in selecting and buying products for your next culinary adventure, where ever that may be.