La Stella

La Stella take pride in making in Australia a product that can rival the best imports. The secret is that they draw on the same artisan tradition that has produced the best latticini in the world - a tradition born South of Naples which now continues in Sydney

This tradition, married to some high technology equipment and to the careful selection of the best buffalo milk available, makes La Stella Latticini Australia’s newest small cheese making plant - entirely devoted to making mozzarella di bufala in a range of sizes and formats as well as smoked scamorza, caciocavallo and other soft and semi-soft cheeses. Plus, something that’s completely new for Australia... ricotta di bufala. Ricotta has been available in Australia for as long as there have been Italians, but it’s normally made with cow milk. Ricotta di bufala is tastier, but still light on calories.

Today the production of La Stella Latticini is mostly mozzarella and its variations (bocconcini, perline, nodini, sfoglia, trecce etc), from buffalo milk but also from quality cow milk. Increasingly though the Auburn works churn out ricotta and soft and semi-hard cheese such as cacioricotta and scamorza -