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Infused oils

Infused oils combine extra virgin olive oil with natural flavours and spices to add a touch of aroma and sophistication to salad dressings, marinades, sauces and other gourmet cooking.

Browse our growing range of infused olive oils including garlic infused olive oil, chilli infused olive oil, lemon infused olive oil, herb infused olive oil and even truffle infused olive oil as featured on the popular Masterchef TV series!

Infused aromatic oils not only taste good, they smell and look good too. Consider getting a bottle to feature as a decorative piece in your kitchen, to add extra flavour to your next gourmet dish, or even as an impressive and thoughtful gift.

Want to use infused olive oils in a memorable meal? Check out our range of recipes utilising these exceptionally high quality, yet reasonably priced infused olive oils.


Casa Rinaldi Truffle Oil 250ml

Extraordinary quality Extra virgin Olive oil infused with white Truffle pieces