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Italian cuisine is one of the most recognised and celebrated cuisines in the world. The main characteristics of Italian cuisine is its extreme simplicity, with traditional Italian chefs priding themselves on traditional preparation and food combination methods, and using only the highest quality of often seasonal ingredients.

Italian cuisine is probably best known for its use of a diverse variety of pastas with numerous varieties of shapes and flavours available.

Italian cuisine is also heavily influenced by tomato based dishes and a variety of pasta sauces.

It is also important to note that different regions of Italy have their own specialties, often influenced by neighbouring European countries or historical events.

Check out our existing range of hand selected fine foods from Italy below, but please check back often as we regularly add to our product range. We also welcome your suggestions on what you would like to see listed here in the future.

Tartufata Tentazioni

Tartufata Tentazioni - Mushrooms Truffles Olives
500 g

Italian (wild) Oregano

Italian (wild) Oregano from Sicily Product from Italy
50 g

Le Lingue Lunghe Grissini

Flat type Grissini called Lingue (Tongue ) Made with virgin olive oil.
175 g

Sardopan Pane Carasau

Pane Carasau is a traditional bread from Sardinia, Italy.
250 g

Villa Grimelli Balsamic Vinegar

Villa Grimelli Balsamic Glaze
530 g

Vincotto Fig

Vincotto (translated as "cooked wine") is a dark, sweet dense condiment produced artisanally in the Apulia region of southeastern Italy.
650 mL

Di Cosimo - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Di Cosimo - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - Aged 12 years
250 mL

Prezioso Balsamic & Apple Vinegar

This amazing Balsamic vinegar is made with vinegar from Modena and apples from Trentino
250 ml

Prato Rubatá

Prato Rubatá - Grissini with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
200 g

Trottoloni Naif

Trottoloni Naif - Pastificio Del Colle
500 g

Gnocchetti Naif, Pastificio del Colle

Gnocchetti Naif, Pastificio del Colle
500 g

Venere Chopped Tomatoes

Venere chopped tomatoes are ready for use in your pasta sauces.
400 g