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Having been invaded many times in history, Spanish cuisine has been influenced by a variety of cultures as well as it’s extensive coastline which sees an abundant amount of seafood.

Drawing on many tomato based dishes and with a focus on the use of high quality olive oils, Spanish cuisine, like many other Mediterranean cultures is known for its fresh ingredients and health benefits.

Perhaps one of Spain’s most well-known dishes is its paella, a Spanish rice based dish featuring saffron, seafood and an assortment of vegetables, which can easily be recreated by using one of our high quality Spanish rice.

Check out our existing range of hand selected fine foods from Spain below, but check back often as we regularly add to our product range. We also welcome your suggestions on what you would like to see listed here in the future..



Calasparra Rice

The fresh mountain water around the town of Calasparra in Murcia, Spain provides the perfect environment to grow paella rice.
1 Kg