Defendi Tomino Piemontese DOP Frozen (6x Pieces/Approx. 500g)


Tomino is an Italian cheese from Piedmont. It is produced throughout the whole region, in the province of Turin, in the province of Cuneo, and in the splendid setting of the Langhe, one of the most fertile areas for the Italian food and wine market.

Today Tomino Piemontese cheese is usually produced with cow's milk, but it is possible to find on the market some varieties made with goat's or goat-cow's milk, depending on the dairy farm.

When this cheese is fresh it has a pleasant smell, not too intense, reminding of milk, with little bitter sides. When it’s mature it has stronger characteristics, due to the fermentation. It's taste is sweet and delicate, yet more sapid and intense when the cheese is aged.