Occelli Testun Al Barolo (180g)


Cheese royalty meets wine royalty – once you taste this cheese you will be hooked! Full flavoured Testun cheeses are coated with pressed grape must used to make Barolo wine – the flavours of the cheese and grapes mingle together to create a flavour that is bitey, creamy, sweet, winey, buttery and sharp all at once.

Occelli Testun al Barolo is dense and crisp at the same time when eaten with the rind. A fresh grape sweetness upfront gives way to the deep dark sheepy undertow that lurks below the surface. Once you cut through the coating of crushed grapes, the texture is flaky and melt-in-your mouth soft.

Beppino Occelli entered the cheese industry in 1976 and currently makes some of the world's most authentic cheeses representing the Italian Alps region of Cuneo. His Testuns pay homage to a very old, rustic style of cheesemaking that utilises various milk ratios and 'left overs' from other types of food production.