Miccio Gaeta Black Olives (250g)


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Miccio Gaeta Black Olives are named after the port of Gaeta as it has been the main export location from which this phenomenal product has reached tables all over the world. These exquisite small olives are characterised by their unusual pink colour, their soft consistency and their particularly intense, thick and persistent flavour. To maintain this unmistakable taste, pleasantly tending towards bitterness, they are kept in brine following their late harvest (late winter). 

Delicious eaten alone, they are excellent for enriching any sauce, but their use is manifold. From salads to sauces to antipastos, they provide a flavourful component that goes well with tuna, meat and fresh vegetables.

Miccio was established in the Campania region by Salvatore Miccio in 1912 as a small artisan producer of olives and capers. Miccio offers a wide range of table olives, accurately selected and knowledgeably packaged according to the most genuine Italian gastronomic traditions. Miccio’s objective is for intense and genuine ingredients – products that have accompanied the evolution of man through history – to reach the tables of all gourmands, epicureans and food lovers in general.