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Experience the flavour of our portable Wood Fired Oven! 

Due to its design the Piccolo will heat up in only 10 to 15 minutes! It takes only a tiny log of hardwood at a time to keep it going. Very economical wood use: i.e allowing for a large roast to be cooked to perfection with 1kg hardwood.

 Piccolo is of very high quality ensuring great performance. Everyone who has used Piccolo is completely surprised by its efficacy and ease of use. No wood fired cooking experience required! Young and old, everyone can use this oven.
 It is as easy as using an electric or gas oven, but with the addition of that authentic wood fire flavour and the ambiance only wood fire can give. The rotating oven floor ensures food cooks evenly on all sides. No burning. Just close the oven door and watch through the glass how nice your meal is cooking. Pizza ready in 90 seconds, no turning needed, no loss of heat. 


  • Italian designed and engineered
  • Unique battery operated rotating cooking floor. Ensuring every dish is cooked uniformly to perfection 

  • Radiating baffle. Engineered to distribute the heat evenly in the chamber 

  • Extra large cooking floor. The large 36cm stone fits a huge family size 14” pizza or cooking dish! 

  • Air vents. Allowing for variable flow rate 

  • Chimney with damper to allow for the smoking of delicacies 

  • Floating stylish outer shell remains cooler so the oven can be used as a feature to any dining setting 

  • Commercial grade insulated to ensure better temperature control 

  • Flame diverter specially designed for optimum pizza baking

Size - External: W48 x D57 x H28 cm (43cm with feet)
Size - Internal: W40 x D50 x H22 cm
Door Opening: W39 x H20 cm
Weight: 38kg
Cooking Capacity: Fits 1 large oven dish / Pizza capacity 1 pizzas 36cm