Aussie Smoke House Wood Smoked Bacon (Approx. 2kg)


The most delicious Smoked Bacon you will ever taste!

Aussie Smoke House Smoked Bacon is smoked over Beechwood during the curing process to impart its signature natural smoky flavour. This is an important part of the curing process, as the Beechwood used is what most contributes to the flavour of this delicious bacon.

The Aussie Smoke House is an Award Winning Small Goods Producer and Butcher on the Sunshine Coast.

Their products are Traditionally Cured and Naturally Smoked with European Beechwood. Their entire selection is gluten free, preservative free and contains the lowest levels of nitrite. 

All products are made with 100% Australian Meat
~ Local Butcher
~ Traditionally made Small Goods
~ Gluten Free
~ Preservative Free
~ Gourmet
~ Made Fresh on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland