Benza Taggiasche Ligurian Olives in Brine 200g


Premium quality whole Taggiasche olives from Liguria. Delicious and flavoursome, preserved in brine with no artificial additives.

Benza Taggiasche Ligurian olives are selected by hand, and then cured for more than a month in water that is changed daily to remove any bitterness. The olives are then preserved in a delicate brine, with a little rosemary. 

Soft and velvety, small but packing a fruity punch, Benza Taggiasca olives are the perfect snacking olive. Extremely low in acidity, their bittersweet pulp is bursting with fresh oil, and their colourful skin in shades of green, purple, and brown will make a lovely addition to your next antipasto platter.