Noosa Waterfront Bolognese Sauce 200g


Restaurant quality pasta sauce delivered to your home!

Bolognese sauce is a true Italian classic. It is a ragu’ (the Italian word for meat sauce) named after the city of Bologna. It is customarily used to dress tagliatelle and spaghetti or to prepare Lasagne alla Bolognese. In the absence of tagliatelle, it can also be used with other pasta shapes, such as pappardelle or fettuccine.

Having a serve of this sauce on hand is a great time saver for those days when we are time poor. All you have to do is boil the pasta, heat some sauce and dinner is served!

Add a serve of parmesan for the perfect accompaniment!

Beef mince, pork mince, carrots, celery, onion, tomato paste, red wine, water, salt & pepper