Vicenzovo Savoiardi 200g


Savoiardi are synonymous with Tiramisú! Savoiardi, also known as Ladyfingers, are a light, sweet sponge biscuit shaped like a finger, resembling the thin delicate fingers of a woman.

These crumbly light biscuits are made from flour, eggs and sugar, elongated and rounded at the ends. These biscuits are typically used, thanks to their foamy consistency, to create classic desserts such as Tiramisú, English soup, Charlotte and Soufflé. They are also excellent as an accompaniment to creams, chocolate, ice cream coffee and tea.

Vicenzovo Ladyfingers represent the story of Matilde Vicenzi: as is often the case with traditional pastry specialties, the origin of “savoiardi” biscuits is disputed… What seems certain is that they were first made for a visit by the French royals to the Dukes of Savoy, hence the biscuits’ Italian name.

On 1 August 2005, the “Regulations for the production and sale of certain baked confectionery products” were published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic, including our Vicenzovo Ladyfingers (article 4).

By law, the name “Savoiardo” is reserved for the egg pastry biscuit with a characteristic elongated shape and a structure characterised by small, regular air bubbles, with sugar covering the upper surface and a typical vanilla and lemon flavour. The product must have 4% and 12% humidity.