Primavera Romeo & Giulietta Savoiardi 200g


Savoiardi are synonymous with Tiramisú! They are a light, sweet sponge biscuit shaped like a finger, which is why they are also known as Ladyfingers.

These crumbly light biscuits are made from flour, eggs and sugar, elongated and rounded at the ends. These biscuits are typically used, thanks to their foamy consistency, to create classic desserts such as Tiramisú, English soup, Charlotte and Soufflé. They are also excellent as an accompaniment to creams, chocolate, ice cream and tea.

The history of the Biscottificio Primavera began in 1965 in Vallese di Oppeano, Verona Italy. From the beginning the company has specialised in the production of Amaretti, Sfogliatine and Toscanucci; thanks to the intuitions and passion of the founding members, it contributes significantly to the growth of consumption in this market. The "passion" continues and in 1993 with the insertion of a line of Savoiardi, then followed in 1995 with the production of Panettoni and Pandori.