Calogiuri Vincotto Ficonero Black Fig 250ml


Calogiuri Vincotto Ficonero Black Fig is aged for four years before it is ready to grace your plate. This fig vinegar is made with 100% grape must from two distinct types of Italian grapes, Malvasia and Negroamaro. It is only in the third year of aging that figs and wine vinegar are added to the grape mixture. During the final year of aging, all of the necessary ingredients come together perfectly for a balanced, sweet and sour fig flavoured vinegar.

The original Vincotto is sweet in flavour and luscious in texture. Ficonero is even thicker than the original after being infused with black figs. The velvety texture persists through the palate and the rich, sweet, burnt fig aroma easily fills the room with its heady aroma.

Enjoy Calogiuri Vincotto Ficonero Black Fig drizzled over meat, fish, salads, fruit, cheeses, ice-cream and practically anything else you can think of!

Since 1825, the Calogiuri family has produced an exceptional range of condiments in Lizzanello in the region of Puglia. Lizzanello is situated at the southern edge of the Italian peninsula and works to highlight Puglia as one of the most agriculturally productive areas in Italy, especially celebrated for its olive and grape cultivation. The Calogiuri's main focus lies in traditional Vincotto production, where they have a highly regarded and preserved recipe they have been using since 1825.