Manchego Garcia Baquero 6 Months (Approx. 250g)


García Baquero Manchego cheese has a delicious taste, creamy without being cloying, with depth without becoming repetitive. It has an intense, zesty taste and a crumbly texture that's rich, full and slightly salty at the finish.

Manchego cheese made with 100% sheep’s milk. García Baquero Manchego is the most awarded Manchego cheese owing to its highly distinctive flavour. True Manchego cheese is produced only from the milk of the Manchega sheep. 

It is a Spanish cheese to consume at any time and in any situation. It goes very well with almost all kinds of drinks and meats. It's the best cheese to offer as a tapas aperitif, or on an antipasto board.

Garcia Baquero came to life as a small livestock farm that produced only two or three small cheeses per day. Today, they are the largest producer of Spanish cheese globally. This family of proud master cheesemakers built their foundation with handcrafted cheese using milk from indigenous sheep, grazing on the mineral rich pastures of Castilla, La Mancha. Cultivating their own starter cultures, Garcia Baquero produces stellar, award winning cheeses with rich, complex flavour profiles & textures.