Spirito Contadino Italian Cime Di Rape Frozen 500g


Cime Di Rape are certainly a very popular Italian green vegetable and cooked all over Italy. It is particularly associated with the region of Puglia where the traditional classic pasta dish, Orecchiette con Cime di Rape originates (orecchiette meaning little ears).

These cime di rape can be eaten as a side dish (contorno) and cooked in the same way as Italians cook most greens – wilted and then tossed around in olive oil, garlic, salt and chilli, and cooked till softened. If the vegetable is cut small enough, there is no need to wilt them first. Some cooks like to blanch them before mixing with other ingredients because the stems are a bit tough. Other chefs recommend getting rid of the tough stems altogether and using only the leaves and tender parts. The choice is yours.

Spirito Contadino is big on natural cultivation. They strongly believe that the future of good food is the recovery of the Apulian peasant traditions of the past. For this reason they are committed to following the fields from sowing to harvesting, to the preparation of excellent healthy and quality products. The seeds they select are produced in their fields and used for a new sowing, to guarantee and maintain high levels of quality. Spirito Contadino patiently respects the rhythms and seasonality that nature imposes on them, without forcing, to enrich their lands with organic fertiliser and make the most of its natural life cycle to have a natural cultivation.