Ferron Carnaroli 1kg


Ferron Carnaroli super-fine rice is slightly longer and thinner than Vialone Nano. It has a slightly nutty flavour. Carnaroli rice is resistant to over-cooking.

Ferron Carnaroli is the first choice of many Italian chefs for cooking the perfect risotto. This is because it tends to retain its texture and not over-cook easily.

It is the ideal rice to use with ingredients that tend to release a lot of fluid such as seafood, tomatoes and mushrooms. It is also perfect for rice salads. Cooking time is 14 to 15 minutes for ‘al dente’.

All Ferron rice is cultivated according to organic, sustainable practices and there is no use of pesticides or herbicides. In accordance with traditional farming practices, fields are routinely left fallow. In non-planting years, corn and medicinal herbs are cultivated to replenish the soil with nutrients. Water from pure and unpolluted underground springs encourages pristine crop growth. The canals running through the rice paddies are full of carp which control pests in a delicate and naturally maintained ecosystem.