Fontina Aosta D.O.P Cheese (Approx. 200g)


Fontina Val D'Aosta DOP (Fontina) is a classic Italian cheese made in the Aosta Valley since the 12th century.

Fontina Val d'Aosta is traditionally made from the unpasteurised cow's milk of cows grazing in 6,500 foot high Alpine pastures. The texture and flavour of the cheese depends on how long it has been aged. The texture can vary from semi-soft to firm and the flavours from mild and rich to more robust and overpowering. Usually, fontina is aged for 90 days.

The interior of Fontina is pale cream in colour and riddled with holes known as "eyes". With a fat content of 45%, the cheese is very rich and creamy which gets nuttier with ageing. This versatile cheese can be used to make fondues and similar Italian dishes. Regional wisdom recommends you grab a glass of Barbaresco or other Nebbiolo-based wine. Try it with a big Chardonnay, or a bold Piemonte red.