Gangi Oraginc Dried Oregano of Sicily Bunch 25g


This incredibly pungent organic oregano comes to you from Petralia Sottana on the island of Sicily. Gangi Dried Sicilian Oregano is left on the branch to dry, picked while the plant is in flower to capture the taste and aroma of this versatile herb. 

This excellent aromatic herb, widely used in Mediterranean cuisine, is distinguished by aroma, fragrance and taste. A small family run team grow and dry the oregano for a living.

Crush a little over tomato dishes, pizza or pasta, into casseroles, over bread drizzled with olive oil or on lamb before roasting or grilling. 

Delicious crumbled over pasta, risotto or on garlic bruschetta topped with fresh tomatoes and olive oil.

A message from the producers at The Gangi Dante Farm Company in Sicily - "Our company is our life. We love the land, we love Sicily and we put all our passion to create a high quality product, eco-sustainable and above all tasty."

Gangi's passion for Sicilian plants, perfumes and aromas has been translated into a commitment to protect typical Sicilian medicinal plants and care for the environment. The company has been certified organic since 1999, and has a consolidated experience in the selection of medicinal plants. While respecting local cultivation traditions, Gangi use modern techniques for the eco-sustainability of production, for the protection of soil fertility and the seasonality of the product.