Garofalo Fusilli 63 (500g)


Their shape is a tribute to tradition that has been renewed thanks to the best technologies, Garofalo Fusilli are curled spirals of bronze-drawn pasta capable of enveloping condiments.

Fusilli originates in central south Italy with the word Fusilli coming from the Italian word Fuso, meaning spindle. They were originally created from the idea of rolling spaghetti around a knitting needle.

The spiral shaped design of Garofalo Fusilli makes them perfect for holding chunky sauces, from rich meaty sauces to the simplest of tomato sauces. The fusilli shape is very versatile and works well in a fresh pasta salad.

Garofalo was established in 1789 in Gragnano, the homeland of pasta. The climatic conditions of the area are perfect for drying pasta, and the presence of spring water that originally fed the mills, made Gragnano the ideal place for the production of pasta.

Knowing Garofalo's roots is a first step in understanding where its passion, wisdom and innovative spirit comes from. Garofalo brings the best quality wheat to the table with the guarantee of PGI certification.

Discover the wide range of pastas and shapes, from the most traditional to the latest and most creative. Garofalo’s quality is unmistakable and the product speaks for itself.