Giuliano Tartufata Truffle Cream 460g


A thick cream based on Umbrese olives with black summer truffle. The Truffle Cream is a best seller thanks to its typical Truffle and mushroom taste and its ease of use. It is a very transversal and perfect product for many recipes.

Try using with:
• Bread (toasts, crostini)
• Pasta, rice, risotto and polenta
• Filling for pasta (ravioli, tortellini) or meat
• Grilled, baked and fried meat
• Grilled, baked and pan-fried vegetables (mainly potatoes but also artichokes and eggplants)
• Omelettes
• Pizza
• Cooked fish dishes

The Giuliano Tartufi ® was born from a hobby and a passion of Giuliano Martinelli, when he was little more than a boy, before going to work, he went every morning in the woods to look for truffles together with his inseparable dog. Situated near the village of Pietralunga in the remote mountains of Umbria in central Italy, Giuliano now leads a team of mostly women to find truffles (with his truffle hounds) and process in their facility a plethora of truffled products.