Grandi Vialone Nano Rice 1kg


Vialone Nano is the preferred risotto rice of the Veneto region and has a unique culinary performance for risotto. The flavour is delicately herbaceous and clean. Vialone Nano is rich in starch; its high amylose content allows it to keep its shape and absorb lots of liquids during cooking. For this reason it is highly appreciated by the world’s best chefs for making risotto.

Grandi Riso from Bologna Italy was born from the experience of the Grandi Family, who has been working in the rice industry for more than 4 generations. Over the years the constant commitment of the Grandi Family has turned Grandi Riso from a local business into a global one.

The high quality of Grandi Riso rice comes from the short production chain that allows the product to reach store shelves in a few steps. Grandi Riso is the only Italian rice mill which can guarantee paddy drying process within its facility.

Focus on quality has always been part of their story. For this reason they have identified the best balance between tradition and latest technology. The result of their quest is an extraordinary rice.