Gruyere Swiss Cheese (Approx. 250g)


A landscape entrenched in meadows and grasslands, the canton of Fribourg serves as the ideal birthplace of Gruyere. A palate of vast complexity, Gruyere enjoys ever evolving nuances. Opening with full-bodied, fruity tones, the flavours' slow journey towards earthy and nutty with a soft finale to finish. Covered by a natural rind, the texture of the body is dense during its youth, becoming flaky and somewhat granular as it ages.

Gruyère has a long heritage. Records of cheesemaking go back to the 12th century in this region. This is a cheese plastered in experience and tradition, Gruyere upholds a standard of uninhibited quality, an approach that has helped characterise it through generations.

Gruyère cheese is the most popular ingredient in fondue. It's a versatile and popular cheese for cooking because it has a taste that's distinct but not overpowering. It's favourable in dishes such as Chicken Cordon Bleu, cheesy Gratins, Croque Monsieur, or as part of a grazing platter.