IL Forteto Cacio Di Bosco Truffle Pecorino Cheese (Approx. 250g)


IL Forteto (the fort), is a commune tucked away in the Muggelano Valley, 30 km from Florence, Italy.

Cacio di Bosco is a pecorino cheese made from pasteurised sheep’s milk that has small pieces of white truffle scattered throughout it’s pâté. The balance of flavours is pleasantly harmonious. The taste is a beautiful balance of the sweet, nutty, nearly caramelised pasteurised sheep’s milk against the strong aroma of truffle, delivers a slightly sour, truffle endowed earthy profile. Its long ageing process (12 months min.) delivers a firm texture, however resits being dry in the mouth.

An excellent table cheese, but being one of a very few truffle cheeses that captures the real flavour of truffle, it is also great to cook with, adding a real depth of flavour to any dish. Try it grated over pasta, risotto or even eggs! Enjoy with a bold red wine.

IL Forteto's farmers cooperative was founded in 1977 and it settled in the farm of Bovecchio, in the municipal district of Barberino di Mugello, Florence. The cooperative was chosen because this kind of association doesn't aim at piling up profits, but at offering adequate life conditions to the workers and producing the finest quality cheeses in the area.