La Stella Fior di Pizza Julienne 2.5kg Tray


La Stella mozzarella Fior di Pizza is shiny, mild and delicate. Elastic and stringy when melted, it's also perfect for salads, sauces, pizza and antipasto. Packaged to make efficient dosing and to maintain freshness.

La Stella Latticini is dedicated to producing the highest quality mozzarella in various sizes. Embracing ancient tradition that is used alongside modern technology, and with thorough selection of the best buffalo and cow’s milk, La Stella creates very special and high quality products. 

La Stella Latticini works exclusively with raw cow’s milk, milked daily at Leppington Pastoral Co. farm in Bringelly NSW. The buffalo’s milk processing is made instead with an amazing milk of Campania, Italy that is imported fresh frozen. 

La Stella Latticini has won the coveted Sydney Royal Cheese Dairy Produce Award, introduced in 1994. In 2019, La Stella won eight awards in this category.