La Stella Cherry Bocconcini (80x12.5g) 1kg Bucket


La Stella Latticini Cow Cherry Bocconcini - 80 x 12.5g

Delightful bocconcini pearls, delicate and appetising. Use to create an original appetiser, throw into a salad with tomatoes or as a finishing touch to your own special recipes.

Serve as is or combined with a mixed array of delectable cold cuts. A lovely addition to toss in your salads or as a fresh touch to your canapes and appetisers.

This catering pack is perfect for parties, or functions in antipasto, on cheese platters, in salads (think Caprese!) and of course on pizza. Can also be used in lasagna, in parmiggianas and any baked pasta dish.

La Stella Latticini is dedicated to producing the highest quality fresh cheese in Australia and works exclusively with raw cow’s milk, milked daily at Leppington Pastoral Co. farm in Bringelly NSW.

La Stella Latticini has won the coveted Sydney Royal Cheese Dairy Produce Award, many times. In 2019, La Stella won eight awards in this category.