Large Pitted Kalamata Olives (250g)


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Kalamata Olives are the king of Greek table olives. These are graded by colour which should be a deep purple, and texture which should be firm and meaty. Please note olives pits can pop up from time to time. Authentic 100% natural product from Kalamata, Greece.

Great for topping pizza, in salads, omelettes, sauces, baking and slow cooking applications such as cacciatore and other braises.

Grown in south Peloponnese, close to the city of Kalamata in Greece, these elegant almond shaped fruits are enjoyed all around the world. On the tree, Kalamata olives are hard to miss with their deep, rich burgundy colour. Hand picked to avoid bruising and preserved in brine with wine vinegar, we bring you the best quality Kalamata olives.