Lazzaris Mostarda Cremona Whole Fruit 380g


Lazzaris Mostarda Cremona Whole Fruits are candied and then preserved in sugar syrup with mustard seed oil.

Contains candied fruit in varying proportions: tangerines, apricots, pineapple, peaches, green figs, white cherries, red cherries, white pears, red pears, lime.

The sweet and spicy flavour makes mostarda the perfect accompaniment for so many foods. Traditionally it was served to liven up austere dishes like bollito misto, however, Italian chefs have rediscovered mostarda and started incorporating the unique flavour and texture into savoury tarts, risottos, and desserts.

Serve mostarda whole or sliced with roasted or grilled meats and poultry, hard and soft cheese, or as part of an antipasto/grazing platter.