Le Primizie Artichokes Hearts in Brine (3 Pieces)


Tender and tasty, Le Primizie Artichoke Hearts in Brine can be served in salads, as a pizza topping, in artichoke dip and many more dishes.

Le Primizie Artichoke Hearts are hand-selected before they bloom to ensure maximum freshness & superior taste. Then they are brined to perfection. Try them whole, as halves, or quartered. With every bite you are getting a real, fresh artichoke heart packed with antioxidants and fibre. Artichokes are great with pastas, salads, pizzas, as is and more!

Le Primizie chooses only top quality Italian vegetables and transforms them into delicious preserves suitable for any kind of cuisine. The highly distinctive flavour of Le Primizie’s vegetables is the protagonist of numerous variants: in brine, in oil, char-grilled or sautéed, they are perfect as tasty side dishes, as part of a grazing platter or added on top of pizza.