Manzoni Porcini Dried 400g


Manzoni Dried Porcini mushrooms are lightweight and can be easily used in many ways. Dried mushrooms are a convenient way to keep mushrooms in your pantry for an extended period of time. The favourite mushroom of all Italian chefs & home cooks is definitely the porcini mushroom which, with its aroma and unique features, can transform any dish into a delicacy.

Manzoni Dried Porcini mushrooms have an intense meaty flavour ideal for pasta and rice dishes. They’re fabulous in a mushroom risotto or on top of pizza.

To reconstitute, simply soak the dried mushrooms in warm water (not hot) for 15-20 minutes. The water makes a great stock when done!

For over 60 years the Manzoni family has been operating in the quality food sector. Founded by Pino Manzoni in the early 50s, a small gastronomic laboratory was born. Its greatest development came with the firstborn Franco, who industrialised the processes transforming the small laboratory into a well-established food industry, with constant development over time and through three generations that have succeeded in maintaining the historical recipes unchanged.