Manzoni Saffron Powder 0.50g


Manzoni Saffron Powder is made form real saffron threads. The saffron cultivated in northern Italy is regarded as among the best in the world. Due to its isolation from other saffron producing areas, it remains one of the purest species of Crocus producing stigmas with a measurably stronger aroma, flavour and vivid colour.

Each bag of Manzoni Saffron Powder 0.5g contains 4 serves/doses x 0.125g

In Italian cooking saffron is most commonly used to add flavour and colour to rice dishes such as the famous "Risotto alla Milanese", pasta dishes, soups and casseroles. Saffron is widely used in Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern cooking. It is an essential ingredient in Spanish "Paella", the Persian rice dish "Tahdig" and French "Bouillabaisse".

Since ancient times, Saffron has been considered a spice with magical and supernatural properties; the very name "za'faran" (in Persian: the head of angels), is also synonymous with light, gold, illumination and revealed wisdom. It was used to colour clothes, as a perfume and cosmetic, in funeral honours to sprinkle the dead and in medicine, as a remedy for gout and rheumatism.

For over 60 years the Manzoni family has been operating in the quality food sector. Founded by Pino Manzoni in the early 50s, a small gastronomic laboratory was born. Its greatest development came with the firstborn Franco, who industrialised the processes transforming the small laboratory into a well-established food industry, with constant development over time and through three generations that have succeeded in maintaining the historical recipes unchanged.