Manzoni Wild Mixed Mushrooms Frozen 1kg


Manzoni Wild Mixed Mushrooms with at least 10% Porcini.

Mixed mushrooms with Porcini are a tasty mix of mushrooms, which are carefully picked and selected, to guarantee a high quality product. They are ideal as an appetiser, side dish, in sauces such as Boscaiola, with polenta or as a pizza topping. These mushrooms are guaranteed to bring a hearty, nutty flavour to your soups, pastas, risottos and other dishes. 

You can slice them frozen and sautèe with a little oil and butter, or add them directly to a rice or sauce dish for a more intense flavour. Alternatively, defrost them slowly in the refrigerator and make sure you collect the liquid which can then be used as an extra flavouring for other dishes.

For over 60 years the Manzoni family has been operating in the quality food sector. Founded by Pino Manzoni in the early 50s, a small gastronomic laboratory was born. Its greatest development came with the firstborn Franco, who industrialised the processes transforming the small laboratory into a well-established food industry, with constant development over time and through three generations that have succeeded in maintaining the historical recipes unchanged.