Miccio Pitted Green Olives Mammoth (250g)


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Miccio Pitted Green Mammoth Olives follow a specific technique, utilising both traditional knowledge and technology to make them sweeter, their green colour more vibrant, and their quality most certainly superior.

These large pitted olives are green in colour and sweet in taste. They are extremely nutritious given their anti-oxidant capacities. A perfect table olive that is fantastic as part of an antipasto or grazing platter.

Miccio was established in the Campania region by Salvatore Miccio in 1912 as a small artisan producer of olives and capers. Miccio offers a wide range of table olives, accurately selected and knowledgeably packaged according to the most genuine Italian gastronomic traditions. Miccio’s objective is for intense and genuine ingredients – products that have accompanied the evolution of man through history – to reach the tables of all gourmands, epicureans and food lovers in general.