Mister Chef Blended EV Olive & Sunflower Oil 10L


Extra Virgin Olive Oil blended with Sunflower Oil made by Levante.

The attention to high quality typical of the Levante brand can also be appreciated in this blended seed oil. Amber in colour, the seed oil is the result of the pressing of vegetal seeds like peanut seeds, sunflower seeds, palm seeds, soy seed, maize and grapeseed.

Very well known for its nutritional properties and lightness, this version of Levante blended oil is unique for its gentle taste and can be used for any kind of cooking. This oil is especially good for frying. 

The olive-production company Levante was founded in 1902, when the Cassetta family started the olive pressing activities in Andria, Puglia, Italy where it is known as one of the best climates for olives. Levante is one of few companies which can count on the entire olive oil manufacturing process, from cultivation to packaging of the product, through harvest and production. Levante Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with coratina and other olives. The coratina olive is rich in polyphenols which gives the oil a strong and decisive taste, and fresh olive aroma, as well as a spicy and bitter aftertaste, reminiscent of almonds.