IL Forteto Pecorino With Honey & Hay (Affienato) Cheese (Apx. 250g)


IL Forteto Pecorino with Honey & Hay (Affienato) Cheese is made from an antique tradition of preserving cheese under hay. Perfectly seasoned and matured, mixing hay's perfume and aroma with honey's delicacy and Pecorino's strong and pronounced taste. It is characterised by a strong personality with a hay-coloured rind, and is covered in hay as it matures.

Affienato cheese is a 100% pasteurised sheep’s milk cheese from the Mugello region in Tuscany, Italy. Made at Il Forteto cheese farm. Aged 12 months in wildflower honey and hay, which is grown on the farm, produces a flavour that is nutty, with a delicate honey sweetness and overtones of grass. Pungent yet clean.

An excellent table cheese but also great to cook with, adding a real depth of flavour to any dish. Try it grated over pasta, risotto or even eggs! Enjoy with a bold red wine.

IL Forteto's farmers cooperative was founded in 1977 and it settled in the farm of Bovecchio, in the municipal district of Barberino di Mugello, Florence. The cooperative was chosen because this kind of association doesn't aim at piling up profits, but at offering adequate life conditions to the workers and producing the finest quality cheeses in the area.