Monnalisa Pecorino Trebbione Cheese (Approx. 200g)


The flavour of this raw sheep’s milk cheese changes during the year according to the pasture-land and the sheeps’ diet. It is characterised by a strong personality with a hay-coloured rind, and is covered in hay as it matures. This cheese is not heated or pasteurised, thereby maintaining many characteristics of the sheep’s milk. Production is limited to periods when sheep are able to supply milk with the appropriate characteristics. The rind is solid and marked by holes of the natural fermentation. Accompany with a full-bodied red wine such as Brunello di Montalcino.

Siena 1941 - With World War II underway and due to the lack of supplies, prominent Sienese delicatessens decided to join forces and work together. S.A.L.C.I.S. was born: acronym for Anonymous Sausage and Cured Meats Company Siena (Società Anonima Lavorazione Carni Insaccati Siena).

In 1960 they also began working with sheep's milk collected by shepherds of the surrounding lands, Chianti, Crete Sienese and the Val d'Orcia.

Quality raw materials are a must for Salcis, hence their decision to start breeding their own animals, to allow them to control the whole production chain. Salcis sheep farm, created in 2015 in the splendid area of Fogliano, just 2 km from Siena, is a model facility, thanks to the natural materials it is built with and the care taken to ensure the wellbeing of the flocks.