Pinna Pecorino Regno di Sardegna (Approx 250g)


Pinna Pecorino Regno di Sardegna (Kingdon of Sardinia) is a sheep's milk cheese from the Sardinian pastures, aged for at least 4 months. It is a canestrato cheese with a striped crust, treated on the surface with olive oil according to tradition. It has a compact paste, straw yellow in colour, hard or semi-hard depending on the ageing time. It has an intense aroma and a full and savoury taste, with all the richness and nuances of flavour of cheeses made with Sardinian sheep's milk. 

It should be cut into thick slices or flakes. It can be enjoyed alone, or paired with cured meats or vegetables. It can be grated to give your pasta dishes a more intense flavour and used in a thousand recipes. It is also delicious with fresh fruit and dried fruit, and elegantly accompanies a glass of Cannonau, Carignano or other reds with character.

The Pinna story begins with two brothers over a century ago, in 1919, in the northern Sardinian town of Thiesi. An area of fields and meadows, famous Pecorino cheeses have been made here for thousands of years. The two brothers, Giommaria and Francesco Pinna, wanted to produce Sardinian cheeses and make them famous beyond the island, and they began their work by uniting lots of small producers. They had a vision: they knew there was a large market for these Sardinian products in Italy and around the world. They produced Pecorino Romano, but also worked together to create numerous other high quality traditional Sardinian cheeses.