Moretti Polenta Taragna W/Buckwheat 500g


Moretti Polenta Taragna is yellow corn mixed with coarse-ground buckwheat. It is air-dried in the Moretti barns and then stone-ground to produce this traditional polenta. Buckwheat thrives in the Italian Alps so it's only natural to combine it with yellow cornmeal polenta. Cooking time is around 30-40 minutes.

Served hard or soft, Moretti Polenta Taragna makes a wonderful warm side dish that complements so many other flavours. It is perfect when served warm with butter, creamy Taleggio cheese and sage, or layered with a rich meat or sausage ragú.

The Molini Moretti story began in 1922 when Aristide and Carolina Moretti rented a maize mill at Campagnola, in the province of Bergamo. That was the beginning of the Aristide Moretti company. Selecting the best varieties of maize flour, Aristide invented the recipe for polenta flour, still famous today the world over.