Naturbosco White Truffle EVOO 60ml


Most truffle oils contain no actual truffles. Rather, they are synthetically flavoured with dithiapentane. Naturbosco’s White Truffle Oil is infused with actual pieces of white truffles, in a quality extra virgin olive oil. This provides the unique flavour of the truffle at a fraction of the price.

It is often drizzled over risotto, pasta, salad or even scrambled eggs. It can be used to add pungency to risotto, game, egg-based dishes and asparagus.

Since 1986, the family-run Naturbosco company (‘natural forests’) has selected, processed and distributed truffles and porcini mushrooms gathered from the forests of regions of Tuscany, Umbria and Piedmont; the exact locations being a closely held secret of the Ceruti family.

Back at their base in Arezzo in Tuscany, the family carefully select only the most aromatic and flavoursome wild and cultivated truffles and porcini mushrooms to be used in their products.