Nutella Ferrero 3kg


When it comes to chocolate spreads, nobody does it like Nutella!

The creamy, chocolatey hazelnut-infused spread has been winning over the hearts of consumers since it was first spread on top of bread. Nutella is an ubiquitous staple that has built its own sort of cult following — it's eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. It's spread on toast and pizzas, melted into warm sandwiches, used to make delectable baked goods, and often eaten straight out of the jar!

During World War II, cocoa was scarce. As a means of dealing with rationing, Italian baker Pietro Ferrero recreated an old recipe for gianduja — an Italian spread containing cocoa and hazelnuts. He called the new recipe Pasta Gianduja and shaped it into bricks. Then, after the war in 1951, Ferrero's son, Michele, altered the recipe to make it spreadable, turning it into the creamy Nutella concoction we know and love today.