Pinna Pecorino Brigante Cheese (Approx. 250g)


Pinna Pecorino Brigante is a fresh sheep’s milk cheese, ready for tasting after only 20-25 days. Brigante preserves an intense aroma of milk, soft texture, a sweet and refined taste. It is the perfect balance between flavour and freshness. The rind is pale-yellow in colour, with the typical grooves of “Canestrati Cheeses” (basket-shape rind). The inside of the cheese is soft, cream in colour and visually appetising.

It's youth makes it a delicate, mild cheese, and a herbal hint of lemon rounds out this young pecorino. This popular Italian cheese is loved by young and old, perfect for a cheese board yet also melts equally well. Choose a mild, fruity red or a crisp white wine to accompany this delicacy.

The Pinna story begins with two brothers over a century ago, in 1919, in the northern Sardinian town of Thiesi. An area of fields and meadows, famous Pecorino cheeses have been made here for thousands of years. The two brothers, Giommaria and Francesco Pinna, wanted to produce Sardinian cheeses and make them famous beyond the island, and they began their work by uniting lots of small producers. They had a vision: they knew there was a large market for these Sardinian products in Italy and around the world. They produced Pecorino Romano, but also worked together to create numerous other high quality traditional Sardinian cheeses.