Porcini Mushroom & Ricotta Mezzelune Frozen 1kg


A delicious filled traditional pasta from an Award Winning Pasta Manufacturer, Adamo's Pasta. They use 100% Australian Durum Semolina and local, fresh farm eggs to make their Pastas.

These Mezzelune egg pasta are filled with a luxurious porcini mushroom and ricotta filling. 

Adamo’s Pasta is inspired by family history. Adamo’s parents, Marisa and Lino, came from Italy and brought their love and passion for pasta with them. They established a pasta shop called Center Pasta in Liverpool, Sydney. Center Pasta was a busy, successful and well known shop providing pasta to their customers for more than 25 years.

Adamo inherited the passion and love for pasta from his parents and decided to create his own company called Adamo’s Pasta. In 2007 Adamo established Adamo’s Pasta in Rosebery. Since then the company has experienced continuous growth and increasing popularity with both wholesale and retail clients due to their exceptional quality and taste.