Prato Rubata Evoo Grissini 200g


Italian extra virgin olive oil breadsticks aka Grissini were created in the 17th century by the noble families from Turin. Eating these bread sticks was then an elegant way of being on diet. 

Today Grissini are one of the most famous Italian specialties. They are made with flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt and water. They owe their unique taste to the slow and special kneading of their dough. Prato Grissini are subtle in taste, low in fat and sugar.

Serve these Grissini as appetisers or with your dishes. Perfect for grazing and antipasto platters.

In 1999 the Pipino Family, owners of Prato s.r.l. implants a small productive unit in Villanova d’Asti thus returning to work on baking, a family tradition that has its roots back in 1848. All their products make use of handmade production methods. Raw materials are carefully selected, the manufacturing processes are characterised by the slow leavening and by the contribution of a significant amount of manual work, all in line with the traditional high quality perceived and recognised in their products.

Prato's focus is on excellence in quality, traditions and innovation towards the future.