Raclette Cheese (Approx. 300g)


Traditionally, Raclette Cheese comes from Switzerland. Swiss Raclette is a semi-hard Alpine cow's milk cheese. It has a firm, smooth, and creamy texture, is ivory-pale yellow in colour with small irregular holes, and has an edible orange-brown rind. The flavour of Raclette will vary slightly depending on the region in which it's produced, but it generally has a floral aroma and is nutty, fruity, spicy, and milky in flavour.

Raclette's flavour is created by using high-quality milk, preferably from grass-fed cows, and special bacterial strains that create lactic acid and secondary metabolic flavour products. It does not undergo a propionic acid fermentation and therefore has no or few small holes.

Mifroma have been selecting and maturing authentic Swiss cheeses since 1964. Their mission is to bring the best of the Swiss cheesemaking tradition to tables around the world, using a unique process of selection, maturation, packaging and distribution, overseen by their experts, the maîtres fromagers. Genuine cheese with exclusive origins, produced with respect of the environment and artisan traditions.