Ponti Red Wine Vinegar 5L


Ponti Red Wine Vinegar from Chianti DOCG has a deep brilliant red colour and intense, well-balanced vinegar bouquet with hints of strawberries, red cherries and wild black cherries. The result is a red wine vinegar with a full, round and lingering flavour.

Ideal for mixed salads, roasted meats, poultry, cooked vegetables, strawberry and fruit salad, as well as for marinades and sauces.

Ponti was founded in Sizzano (Novara) in 1867 by Giovanni Ponti, a farmer and a wine and vinegar producer, known as "Giuanin d'la asei" (which in local dialect means "Giovanni of the vinegar"). The culture of taste has been growing in the Ponti family throughout five generations. Thanks to the strict selection of the best raw materials and the respect of heritage, Ponti has been offering high quality products that attract consumers Worldwide for more than 145 years.