Riseria Molinaro Yellow Polenta Bramata 750g


Riseria Molinaro Yellow Polenta Bramata (Stone Ground Polenta) is obtained from a careful selection of semi-vitreous maize. Once it has been ground the product is partially refined to obtain a semi-rough flour ideal for rustic polenta then it is carefully sifted to obtain the classical refined flour.

Riseria Molinaro is located in North-East Piedmont, Italy in the middle of "Vercellese" in a land called "Baraggia". This is the area where the rice named denomination of protected origin (IGP) of Baraggia Biellese and Vercellese is grown. From this area comes the best rice cultivated in Italy. All rices are selected carefully to make sure only the highest quality of the product is ensured. The "perlatura" which means "the pearl look" is the one of the important aspects that define the quality of the rice along with minimal cracked grains, are distinctive of Riseria Molinaro rices.