Sabatelli Gnocchi Potato Frozen 1kg


Made with the highest quality fresh potato flour, Sabatelli Frozen Potato Gnocchi will provide a superior gastronomic experience that the whole family will enjoy. These gnocchi can be baked or served fresh with a delicious, tasty sauce.

Try them with a traditional Neapolitan sauce Gnocchi alla Sorrentina (with fresh tomato & basil): the taste of the fresh tomatoes, the freshness of the mozzarella and the fragrance of basil; ingredients that combined with these gnocchi, produced only with fresh potatoes, make this dish one of the most famous and worthy ambassadors of Italian cooking in the world.

Pasta Sabatelli is a family owned pastificio that started their production in the charming town of Castellana Grotte, in Southern Italy. It is in this land of dryness and stonework, quiet countryside inhabited forever with its unique colours, smells and tastes, that in 1976 Donato Sabatelli began writing his history. When creating his small workshop, Donato remained loyal to the past traditions of Puglia to give his pasta its pure and healthy authenticity. Over the course of more than 50 years, the company has become a specialist in the production of more than 60 different variety of fresh pasta, frozen pasta - simple, filled and special shapes.