San Giorgio Square Choc Croissant (Fagotto) Frozen 85g x 5


A staple of French and Italian breakfasts, these ready to bake artisan Italian made Chocolate Croissants will fill your home with a delicious smell that'll entice everyone out bed!

All the work has been done, simply pre-heat your oven and bake from frozen! Then sit back and enjoy the genuine flavours from this masterpiece of taste!

To Cook: Preheat oven to 165/170C and cook for 23-25 mins

San Giorgio was created in the 80’s by Sabato Bruno, who over the course of over three decades has transformed a small pastry shop in Castel San Giorgio, near Salerno, into a large croissanterie company specialised in the food service market: San Giorgio Dolce & Salato. With commitment and dedication, the original tiny pastry kitchen has become a factory that produces excellence: Sabato’s passion, which is fully shared by his sons Antonino and Ivan, has been and continues to be the cornerstone of the company’s constant growth.