Spadoni Manitoba Flour 5kg


From the highest quality wheat, Molino Spadoni has specifically designed Tipo Manitoba soft wheat flour for baking uses, historically cultivated in North America and now also grown in Europe.

Spadoni Manitoba soft wheat flour is used by the best pastry chefs, pizza makers and bakers worldwide. It is also ideal for home use, making it a flour rich in gluten, with a high protein content, and low in starch. A perfect flour for doughs made with brewer's yeast, thanks to the addition of vitamin C, excellent as an adjuvant to help the "holding" in leavening. (W 330-360)

Molino Spadoni, established in 1921 in Ravenna, is the Italian market leader for both pizza flours and special flour mixes. Their flours, pastas and pizza mixes are made using only the highest quality ingredients, making them a favourite with professionals and home cooks alike.