Toma 4 Milks (Approx. 220g)


Made from 4 different milk this traditional Italian Tomme style cheese has an incredible reputation for its flavour. The use of donkey’s milk lends this cheese a delicate, rounded flavour.

The paste hardens as the cheese matures, while keeping small eyes throughout. The cheese has a straw-yellow colour, with ochre tones as its slowly ages. It has a strong and intense flavour, for all those seeking to rediscover the typical local scents and flavours of times gone by. A truly unique cheese.

Caseificio Sepertino has been awarded the World Cheese Award in 2019. Their cheeses are produced using traditional and artisan processing methods, just like the methods used by Grandpa Pietro, the founder of the company. Raw or pasteurised milk is integrated with a selection of lactic cultures, with the subsequent addition of rennet. Semi-hard cheeses, such as the Toma piemontese are turned over and brushed on a weekly basis with linen sheets to allow their best possible maturation.

In 2004, the Region of Piemonte assigned an important role to Artistic and Typical Quality Artisan products through the attribution of the "Artisan Excellence" award.